Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More needless death

Another man is dead because of a couple of habitual car thieves. When do you suppose, will the politicians in power in Ottawa finally understand that something needs to be done?

How many innocent people need to die before the lib-left finally figure out that habitual criminals need to be jailed not coddled.

If the tragedy at Mayerthorp wasn't the impetus for change, what pray tell me, will be? But the outrage after that seems to have died down and like the story out of Richmond, BC today shows, more people are dying at the hands of people the justice system could have, and should have, dealt with.

Leo Knight

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TM said...

Leo, I don't think things are going to change yet. I think there will be more carnage and death until the silent majority rises up and demands change from the top. The whole system has to change from judges being appointed, to those who run the provincial and federal correctional service, the federal/provincial math that determines how much time a person spends in custody before a trial, to concurrent sentencing and conditional sentencing(both of which should be banned). Legal aid has to be reformed drastically. Maybe after 2 or 3 kicks at legal aid you have to be cut off, permanently. You can bet that the lawyer who spoke on behalf of his "client" regarding this latest tragedy is on the public tit. Hell who was the judge that gave this guy his last sentence? I wonder how much time he got for that. Oh well, until things change the liberals think that pot laws, gay marriage, a national day care and what goes on at the UN are more important than what goes on in our streets and the safety of the regular citizens.